Maine Outdoor Brands Adventure Plate

November 19th, 2020 by

Portland, Maine
Thursday, November 19th:
We’ve partnered with Maine Outdoor Brands to help them reach their goal of obtaining 2,000 reservations for their new Maine “Adventure” license plate.
Now we want to help YOU get one!
The ADVENTURE specialty plate provides a way for vehicle owners to show their support for Maine’s growing outdoor recreation industry. Proceeds from these plates will go to support the outdoor gear manufacturers, outfitters, youth trip leading organizations and more – that are helping create a sustainable economy all while getting more Mainers outdoors!
Until the end of December, we’ll reserve your spot for the Adventure Plate and cover the $25 reservation fee when you purchase a vehicle from Berlin City. As another part of the adventure plate initiative, anyone that gets an adventure plate between now and the end of December will get a free entry to win one of three Old Town Canoes featured on our dealership floors.

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