How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

October 12th, 2021 by

A few of the basics include:


  •   Get an oil change. This is something you should do routinely, but it’s especially relevant during the winter. Check your owner’s manual, as some vehicles need a thinner oil viscosity during colder months.
  •   Make sure you have enough coolant. While ensuring your car’s engine can still adequately cool remains important even in winter, you’ll also want to ensure that your vehicle always has sufficient antifreeze.
  •   Check your battery life. Starting your car in colder weather can take a toll on the battery, causing it to die out prematurely. You may wish to check your battery with a voltmeter, or simply have it evaluated during your next routine maintenance appointment. If your battery is on its last legs, it may be wise to go ahead and replace it before the weather turns.
  •   Change the washer fluid and windshield wipers. These are both important features for ensuring visibility, and thus safety. Be sure you’re ready for any inclement weather that’s coming your way.
  •   Ensure your heater and defroster work. You won’t want to go through winter without a properly functioning heater and defroster. Check them now just to make sure they work as they’re supposed to. If not, you may need to schedule a service appointment.
  •   Verify that you have the right tires. To ensure safe wintertime driving, make sure you have sufficient tread left on your tires. Switch to winter tires if needed. Also keep in mind that changes in the weather can easily affect tire pressure; monitor your pressure level, and add air as needed.


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There are plenty of ways in which you can ensure your vehicle is fully prepared for winter, but if you want help from the pros, feel free to schedule auto service in Gorham, NH with us. Contact Berlin City to make an appointment, or to find out more about service coupons and specials. We’d love to help you get your vehicle winter-ready.

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