Easy Inspiration Project: Re-Launch

October 16th, 2020 by

Thank you Stanley, for helping us re-launch our Easy Inspiration Project after much deliberation. He took one of our CR-V LXs into the White Mountains for a weekend of leaf-peeping
“Photography for me has always been a way of organizing chaos, of snapshotting a moment in time and honing in on a specific scene that’s captivating. I grew up in the Caribbean on the island chain St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I moved to the U.S for college, in Southern Maryland a little over a decade ago. Here, I met my wife who brought me to Maine.

New England has such a rich vivid, culture that reminds me of St Vincent. People take such great pride in their homes and locales, the food, environment and artisan creativity in both of these parts of the world. This brings effervescence to photographic creativity.

I love making landscape and still life photography. These styles capture how and where people live and reignite striking memories.

The day of Easy Inspiration, we got up and out before the crack of dawn and slowly meandered the rural roads through Western Maine headed for Lake Winnepesaukee, NH. We stopped a few times along the way to catch the early fall foliage blanketed by fog.

At a few scenic lookouts in Alton, NH we caught the CR-V in action, then cruised up to Franconia Notch state park, whose hillsides were in full autumnal garb. At Echo Lake, I caught my favorite shots of the car under a bright burning birch tree.

Spirits were high, maybe a bit too high and I decided to let my drone fly capturing Echo Lake. While backing up to bring the lake into view surrounded by a crown of foliage, quickly realized I was flying too low and backed my drone up into a tree. Fortunately I was able to recover it completely unharmed.

Thanks Berlin City for the ultimate assist in providing yet another colorful adventure in my photography journey.”

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications from photographers on our website! www.easyinspirationproject.com
Before 2020, we worked primarily with well-known artists and photographers. While we love the work that those photographers brought us, our new goal is to work with various photographers across New-England. We are looking for candidates ranging in age, skill level, style, personality, and experience!

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