Easy Inspiration Project: Chelsey Chambers

January 14th, 2021 by

We are excited to announce our Easy Inspiration first featured photographer of 2021: Chelsey Chambers of Bearing Media Co. (www.bearingmedia.co/)

“I’m Chelsey, a native Mainer who loves spending time outdoors and capturing moments with my camera.

Whether it’s a quick trip for coffee in Portland, or a long weekend adventure by the lake, I always have my camera with me. Photography definitely started as one of my many outlets for creativity growing up, but over the years it has evolved into something more than a hobby. So in 2020 I decided to take the leap into professional product and brand photography and I’m not looking back!

While we took the Venza out on a few adventures over the course of a week, there’s really one day that stood out the most to me. It was Saturday and a huge snowstorm was hitting the state. Yippie! So naturally, my first thought was “Let’s take the Venza out for a trip to the notch!” where most of the snow was accumulating.

Without hesitation, my husband and I packed up the car and we were on our way. Now I am quite familiar with the drive up to Grafton Notch, so for most of the drive I was really looking forward to the destination. However, when we were coming into Woodstock I remembered a friend of mine telling me about some scenic spot we should check out on our next drive through. I decided there’s no better time for a detour, so I quickly took a sharp left down a little road into the woods to look for this “scenic spot”. I am SO glad I did. We ended up in this perfect little clearing right on the shore of Bryant Pond, with the best view of Mount Christopher. I immediately took out my camera and started capturing the moment. Silence, snowflakes, and a beautiful Maine winter view.

All of the best moments and places I’ve seen in the last few years have been thanks to a detour down an unknown road. Which goes to show taking the road less traveled has its benefits, and in this case – amazing views!”

Thank you so much Chelsey for your fantastic work & for being apart of our Easy Inspiration Project! We can’t wait to see what you photograph next ? To see Chelsey’s Toyota Venza photos and to apply, visit www.easyinspirationproject.com

Before 2020, we worked primarily with well-known artists and photographers. While we love the work that those photographers brought us, our new goal is to work with various photographers across New-England. We are looking for candidates ranging in age, skill level, style, personality, and experience!

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