Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

February 21st, 2022 by

With the harsh winter months coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your car for all those warm weather miles you’re going to put on it this year. Read on to learn three ways you can prep your car to keep it running and looking its best through the spring months and beyond.

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Time to Check Under the Hood

Cold temperatures can damage your engine’s belts and hoses over time. Spring is a great time to get those checked for any damage so you can prevent unwanted surprises in the future.

Keeping your engine healthy also means having all its fluids and filters checked and replaced if needed. We don’t want that engine to overheat, or low brake fluid to cause soft brakes, or to have no windshield wiper fluid when it’s needed most.

Spring Cleaning

Giving your car a solid cleaning–inside and out–after the winter months will do wonders for prolonging the life of your car’s paint. Finding the time to really do away with all that winter debris and build up from corrosion-causing treatments like road salt is a great practice. Corrosive chemicals caused by road salt can even damage your brake and fuel lines over time if left untreated, and left-on debris can cause rust spots over time too.

Tire Pressure & Rotation

You’ve probably noticed how tire pressure fluctuates along with the weather. Your tires tend to lose pressure in the cold months and often regain some of that pressure when it’s warm again. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your tire pressure to ensure it stays near the manufacturer recommendation (without ever going over).

Spring is also a great time to get those tires rotated. With all the travel plans and road trips coming up, you want to be sure your tires are performing their best. As a bonus, you can get your tires realigned and their tread checked during a pressure test. This process can help prevent any shaking or vibrations when driving, and you’ll know for sure if it’s time for new tires or not. Tire pressure and rotation is all about keeping you safe.

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