5 Essential Items You Should Bring On Your Next Road Trip

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5 Essential Items You Should Bring On Your Next Road Trip
It’s the middle of summer: the sun is out, the weather’s warm, and you and your friends and family are ready for an unforgettable vacation. Why not make your next trip more than just an excursion to the beach? Why not get behind the wheel of your vehicle and take a journey somewhere that’ll make this summer a memory that never fades? You deserve a proper road trip this summer, and we at Berlin Auto Group are here to share the 5 essentials you should pack to make it nothing short of spectacular.
The Must-Haves
Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit
A roadside assistance kit for emergencies is crucial for any road trip. A complete kit with jumper cables, tow rope, emergency hammer, reflective roadside warning triangles, a seatbelt cutter, and a toolbox should be kept accessible at all times so you’ll never have to worry about being unprepared during vehicle emergencies. If you’re worried that your vehicle might need serviced before your big road trip, why not stop by one of our several auto service centers for a quick touch-up before you hit the road?
First-Aid Kit
This one’s self-explanatory, but easy to forget. A first-aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, disposable PVC gloves, medical tape, a sewing kit, sterile gauze pads, and an ice pack could prove essential if you or a loved one has an accident, especially if you’re miles from the nearest town.
Although many smartphones today come pre-equipped with flashlights, having a spare flashlight or two on hand always helps and could prove invaluable if your phone runs out of battery life in an emergency situation.
Comfort and Entertainment
Travel Pillows
Today, most vehicles come with comfortable seats, but you’ll still find yourself feeling a bit sore out on the road. Why not pack some travel pillows for you and your fellow road trippers to use when the going gets rough? At the very least they’ll help your passengers sleep if you find yourself on a long, nighttime drive. If you’re bringing the whole family and need some extra seats, we offer more spacious cars and SUVs at an affordable rate.
Whether you’re driving or not, you’ll be spending many of your daylight hours looking out the windows during your trip. Having at least two pairs of sunglasses for every traveler is a good way to be extra prepared for bright, clear days, especially for people with sensitive eyes.
Hopefully you’re now a bit more prepared to enjoy that sensational road trip. Whatever you choose to do this summer, you deserve to have an excellent time, and we at Berlin City Auto Group are proud to help make it so!
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