4 Reasons to Shop for Certified Pre-Owned Cars

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When shopping for a used car, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether or not to take advantage of a CPO program. Cars marked as CPO, or certified pre-owned, may be a little bit more expensive than cars not in the CPO program (though they are still less expensive than buying a brand new vehicle.) However, there are advantages to CPO vehicles that may make them the superior value. 
Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?
CPO vehicles are of the best quality
CPO programs are sponsored by auto manufacturers, and those manufacturers only certify cars that are recently released and low-mileage. Any car that doesn’t meet these standards will not be certified.
CPO vehicles are carefully inspected and refinished
Though the specific number varies by manufacturer, there may be anywhere from 100 to 200 points of inspection on a car that are carefully scrutinized before the vehicle is certified. And any component of the car that is inspected and found to be wanting will be refinished or refurbished. Again, CPO vehicles tend to be in really good shape, meeting exacting standards of quality.
CPO vehicles come with extended protections
Another reason to consider buying from a CPO program is that doing so will usually provide you with extended warranties. And, in addition to extending their basic warranties, manufacturers may also throw in free roadside assistance for a specific span of time.
CPO vehicles are easier to finance
While CPO vehicles tend to be a little bit more expensive than other used cars, they also qualify for lower interest rates. Often, CPO vehicles qualify for the same loan rates offered for brand new cars. This can offset the higher price point, making CPO vehicles very affordable buys.
Explore Our CPO Options
There are a number of benefits to buying a used car that’s certified pre-owned. As you consider these benefits, we welcome you to learn more about our own CPO options. Reach out to Berlin City Auto Group to ask questions or to set up a test drive.
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