3 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

September 30th, 2021 by

Are you in the market for your next car? Instead of buying a brand-new model, it’s worth learning why going with a used car might be the better choice. Here are several perks that come with buying a used car instead of new.

      There’s more variety

Discontinued car models are hard to find brand new. Fortunately, you have a better shot of finding these cars if you’re shopping used. So, if you’re looking for a Chevrolet S-10, a Ford Ranger, a PT Cruiser, or other models phased out of production, then used is the way to go.

      There’s much better pricing

One of the best benefits of buying a used car is getting much better pricing. Some cars, although technically “used,” are actually discontinued cars, showroom/floor models, or loaner vehicles, so you can luck out and get a used vehicle with incredibly low mileage at an impressive discount.

      Insurance costs may be lower

Insurance companies typically determine rates on vehicles based on their market value, meaning that a car that’s perceived to be more valuable will have higher rates. A used car is considered “low value” even if it’s in near-pristine condition, which means you can potentially get excellent insurance rates.

      There are CPO options

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cars are used models that come with better perks and benefits to give buyers peace of mind. CPO vehicles are certified by either the dealership or manufacturer through a comprehensive inspection, and often come with a detailed history report, extended warranty, free roadside assistance, and much more.

      There’s less depreciation

When you drive a brand-new car off the lot, it instantly drops in value. Within three years of ownership, that value can reduce by up to 50 percent. You can end up getting more value for your car if you were to buy a used model because it won’t depreciate as much over time.
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