Berlin City Truck Center

A truck is kind of a big deal. It’s a big machine. It’s a big expense. And, it’s a big part of your life. Here at Berlin City Truck Center, WE KNOW TRUCKS. You won’t find a stereotypical truck-buying experience. What you will find is the largest collection of brands, models and trims in New England. With over 10 brands all under one roof and over 375 trucks, our Truck Experts will work towards giving you the best possible truck experience. Because it may look like a truck business, but it’s really the people business. And for us, that is a big deal.

Choosing a truck is different from shopping for a car. There are more factors to consider such as towing capability, load capacity and more. At Berlin City Truck Center, bona fide Truck Experts will work to evaluate your needs. People who know trucks inside and out will help you find the right rig for your specific situation. New or used. Not too large. Not too small. Just right. At Berlin City Truck Center, We Deliver. Within 24 hours, we’ll deliver your truck to your home or work. It’s that easy.