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What is an ebike?

E-Bikes look and feel just like traditional bicycles, with a key difference – they include an electric motor and battery for an extra boost. The motor can help you conquer hills, keep up with traffic, or pull a trailer. E-Bikes with pedal assist turn on the motor when the rider pedals. E-Bikes with throttles can turn on the motor to propel the bike even when the rider does not pedal.

Whether your goal is getting fit, commuting to work, or running errands, an Aventon E-Bike can help you go faster and further:


  • Electric motors: Aventon ebikes use powerful hub motors, ranging from 350 to 500 watts
  • High-performance battery: just like your laptop or an electric car; with Lithium-ion cells. Recharge from any standard wall outlet
  • Handlebar controls: turn your bike on and off, choose level of pedal assist; plus throttle
  • Display: shows you how fast you’re going, your current level of pedal assist, and much more.
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Why buy from Berlin City?

In Berlin City, we’re on a mission to completely reinvent the way you think about buying a vehicle. For too long, the process has been conceived as difficult and stressful, while in reality, it’s supposed to be fun and rewarding from start to finish. You’ve worked hard to own a new vehicle. So now that you’re in Berlin City, trust us when we say everything’s going to be easier from here on out. You’ll work with genuine human beings, you’ll find the best exclusive prices, and you’ll end up in your dream ride without any speed bumps.

In Berlin City, we’re making it easier to try and buy an electric vehicle. So for the first time ever we’re bringing electric vehicles as well as Onewheels and e-bikes together under one roof. If you’re looking to try or buy an electric vehicle, e-bike, or Onewheel, stop by any of our locations to learn more and test drive the electric vehicle of your dreams. Because life is easier in Berlin City

Where to buy & can I test drive?

Berlin City sells Aventon Ebikes at their Berlin City Honda of Portland location and their Berlin City Toyota of Portland location.

Berlin City Services Offered:

At Berlin City, we will walk you through the process and find the ebike that fits your lifestyle. After purchasing, we offer routine maintenance for your Aventon Ebike.

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E-bike Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Aventon ebike models?

Most of the bikes offered by our competitors do not include a throttle – their motor only turns on when the rider pedals. Aventon’s Pace E-Bikes offer BOTH pedal assist and throttle operations, so riders can choose how to ride based on their needs.

Which Aventon ebike is right for me?

We recommend the Pace 500 for customers who want to accelerate as quickly as possible and ride at higher top speeds (for example, those who want to keep up with car traffic in urban environments) and the Pace 350 for more casual use (bike paths, suburban areas) where class II speeds are necessary.

How fast can I go on an ebike?

Class I and II ebikes max out at 20 MPH, while Class III ebikes go up to 28 MPH. If you are riding your ebike on private property, or in a region without ebike speed limits, even higher speeds may be possible.
Pace 350 & Sinch: Class II
Pace 500 & Level: Class III

How far can I go on an ebike?

The range of your ebike varies based on rider weight, wind, hills, and how much pedal-assist or throttle you choose. Our ebikes average about 30 miles of range.

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